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Personalising Funeral Flowers

The YourLoss team is dedicated to sourcing and providing Australians with free and easy access to relevant and helping information and resources to assist them in all areas of death and bereavement.

Fragrant florals: What do different funeral flowers mean?

Unsure about what flowers to send to a funeral? If so, you’re not alone. 

There are so many choices, particularly due to the number of varieties now out there and our ability to access flowers all year round that were once only seasonally available.  

Before you tell the florist to ‘put something nice together’, take a moment to consider what you want your flowers to say. The flowers you send should tell the story of the relationship you had with the person who has died. Were they the love of your life? A family member? A close friend?  

Here are some tips to help you choose the right flowers:  


Ever heard someone say, this place smells like a funeral home? Chances are there are oriental lilies nearby. The lily is one of the most commonly used flowers for funerals, and are the go-to flower because of the significant meaning behind this aromatic bloom. Lilies symbolise the innocence that has been restored to the soul of those who have passed away. 

What each variety represents

White lilies – Purity  

Stargazer lilies – Sympathy  

Oriental lilies – Eternal life  


Roses are another commonly chosen funeral flower, especially for casket sprays. When you include a single rose in a bouquet, it expresses enduring love for the deceased.  

What different colours represent

White roses – Reverence, humility, innocence and youthfulness  

Red roses – Respect, love and courage  

Pink roses – Love, grace, appreciation and gentility  

Dark crimson roses – Grief and sorrow  

Yellow roses – Friendship and strong ties  


Long lasting and fragrant, carnations are a popular choice for sympathy arrangements.  

What different colours represent

Pink – Gratitude, remembrance and a mother’s enduring love  

Red – Yearning and true love  

White – Purity, faithfulness and innocence  


Chrysanthemums – also referred to as ‘mums’ – can be tricky. Unlike other flowers, the meaning of their colours varies widely across the globe. But overall, they are still a safe bet because they are seen to express grief, sadness, sincerity and loyalty.  

What different colours represent 

Red – Love and passion 

White – Condolence, purity, and innocence 

Pink – Affection, attraction, and romance 

Orange – Enthusiasm and passion 

Yellow – Historically representative of sorrow, they now increasingly symbolise celebration and happiness 


No matter what the colour, orchids say ‘I will always love you’. Orchids are often sent in times of grief not just because they are beautiful, but because they are also a lasting gift that will continue to bloom long after other bouquets have wilted.  


Tulips are favoured funeral flowers because they are elegant, and their simple design means they pair well with other flowers. They are generally said to symbolise perfect love, elegance and grace. But, like many of the flowers mentioned here, different colours also carry different meanings.  

What different colours represent

Yellow – Cheerfulness  

White – Forgiveness  

Purple – Royalty  

Red – Perfect love  

Many family-owned funeral providers work closely with florists who are specialists in floral tributes and funeral flowers. They have many years of experience helping families create unique and personal floral tributes that reflect the life and style of a loved one.  

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The YourLoss team is dedicated to sourcing and providing Australians with free and easy access to relevant and helping information and resources to assist them in all areas of death and bereavement.

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